About Us

Monkey Prism was the hair brained idea of Chris and Nic Danielson. During a game brainstorming session a game and company were created.

Today, Monkey Prism is a startup company seeking new clients in an ever growing industry filled with gamification and other exciting adventures.

Chris Danielson, owner

Chris Danielson has over 10 years of experience developing software applications for a variety of companies and opportunities. When he’s not talking with clients and coding he’s busy serenading his sweet daughter with his violin.

Loves: coffee, Apple products, game development, smoked BBQ, French cuisine.
Hates: tomatoes, and duck’s blood soup (tiết canh).
Blog: http://chrisdanielson.com

Nic Danielson, sound guru

Nic is a musician, composer, sound designer and occasional teacher. He has years of experience in playing with palettes of sound, whether sweating on-stage with various bands and ensembles, or recording the sounds of beer bottles rolling through wet dog food.

Loves: experimenting with sound to create feeling, running, a straight razor shave, and the sound of beetle grubs popping in the frying pan.
Hates: crawdads and small planes. both are tiny and freaky.
Blog: http://nicdanielson.com

Zach Willms, programmer

Zach is a programmer, photographer, and media enthusiast. He has several years of experience creating everything from embedded device drivers to iPhone games.

Loves: snowboarding, driving, photography, caffeine, coding, hiking.
Hates: caffeine withdrawal and inflated gas prices.